Pre Planning

  1. About Pre-Planning

Without a doubt dying is one of the few events in life that one never wishes to talk about, but, we all have to consider. You may never marry, or have children; but one day you will leave this world. For most of us, this is a disquieting thought. Yet it is still something you should plan for – if not for your own peace-of-mind, then for the well-being of those you’ll leave behind, whether it is for you or your loved one(s).

  1. When is the Best Time to Pre-Plan Your Funeral?

You may not be emotionally ready to take on this task. Perhaps the best time to begin making your prearrangements is when you have a family you wish to protect from the emotional and financial burdens they will carry when you leave them with no plan at all. By taking time now to collect relevant information and calmly making choices related to your own, or loved ones funeral arrangements, you’ll be protecting your family against the stress of having to make these decisions at a time of extreme emotional stress. This way you can carefully choose specific items you want and need… and pay for them in advance.

  1. Pre-Payment Options

There are a number of options available to the people today when seeking to preplan and prepay their final wishes. We can tailor a plan that’s right for you, designed to meet your budget concerns. Our staff will be pleased to outline the choices available.

Options include:

  1. Once off full payment
  2. 12 month payment plans
  3. Funeral Cash Plan – with cover up to $5000.00 and up to ages 75 years email